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After 2008, PULAIDE faced an unprecedented development opportunity; in addition to carrying forward and developing the traditional enterprise spirit, it newly explained the business principle from “science and technology generating quality, quality honoring brand, and brand winning the market” to “cooperative innovation, introducing innovation, conducting innovation, guiding market, guiding consumption, serving market, and leading market”. This is not only the sublimation of PULAIDE marketing principles, but also a repositioning of enterprise characteristics in new era.
Under the operation principle of “customer-oriented”, we increasingly strengthen the “total quality marketing” sense, and research and develop products according to market needs; we allocate professional technicians on the terminal to serve customers, create a marketing mode of internally changing product quality and externally pursuing market recognition, establish a combining marketing system integrated with information collection, market analysis and marketing decision and a professional sales team which is efficient, united and studious; in the recent decade, we have established hundreds of partners in China, successfully selling the products to all levels of markets.